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Wear resistant ceramic lined equipment

Ceramic lined hopper and chute

Chutes or hoppers are the main equipment for material conveying and loading in the crushing system in cement, steel, coal power plant, mining and so on. With continuous conveying of particle, such as coal, iron ore, gold, aluminum etc. The chutes and hoppers are suffered very serious abrasion and impact because of such big material conveying capacity and big impact. It is also applicable to Coal, Metallurgy, and Chemical industries as feeding materials equipment.

According to the abrasion, impact and temperature, we select suitable abrasion resistant ceramic wear liners or ceramic liner to install on the inner wall of the equipment, like the mining chute, hopper, silo and material feeder, So that the equipment can prolong the lifetime.

Applied industry:The abrasion resistant ceramic wear liner chute are widely used in the cement ,steel ,chemical ,mining milling, smelting, port ,coal fired thermal power plant as wear protection equipment.


  • 1. Superior wear resistance
  • 2. Chemical and impact resistance
  • 3. Erosion, acid, alkali resistance
  • 4. Smooth inner wall
  • 5. Easy installation
  • 6. Longer service lifetime
  • 7. Competitive and reasonable price
  • 8. Saving maintenance time and expenditures

Ceramic lined Cyclone

The material cyclone suffered serious abrasion and impact when it separated the material particle, like coal, gold, iron and ext. because of high speed material conveying. It’s very easy to wear out to leak the material from cyclone and a suitable wear protection solution for material cyclone is very necessary.

KINGCERA used the ceramic liners lined into the inner wall of the cyclone to get the wear & impact protections. It has been turned out it’s a very good wear solution for material cyclones.

Also, we can design different shape and thickness ceramic liners for the cyclones according to different working conditions. Custom cyclone can be made according to client’s drawing.


  • 1.Coal
  • 2.Mining
  • 3.Cement
  • 4.Chemical
  • 5.Steel

Ceramic lined air fan impeller

The fan impeller is ideal dynamic equipment which can provide the material particle conveying by wind. The material will hit and wear the fan impeller continually Because of high speed wind .So the fan impeller suffered heavy abrasion from the high speed material and repaired frequently.

KINGCERA used more than 10 kinds of shapes ceramics liners to line onto the surface of the impeller to form a solid wear protection layer to prevent the abrasion and impacts. It performs very well and saves the maintenance cost a lot in cement and power generation.

Coal Mill

The coal mill is common grinding and separating equipment in many industries, like cement, steel, coal-fired power plant. The inner wall of the mill is suffering from heavy wear and impact problems because of the grinding and hitting materials. KINGCERA can provide complete ceramic solutions from the bottom of mill to the cone of the mill. We use different ceramic liners and different installation methods to meet the different wear condition.


  • 1.Superior wear resistance;
  • 2.Smooth inner wall;
  • 3.Longer service lifetime;
  • 4.Lower the weight;
  • 5.Saving maintenance time and expenditures.

Rotary drum mixer

Rotary drum mixer is one of the main materials mixing equipment for sintering plant in steel industry. The inner wall of the drum mixer suffers from heavy abrasion when the heavy material is mixing. Kingcera will choose different ceramic liners to do the wear protections according to the drum mixer’s mixing capacity.

This solution not only solving the abrasion problems, but also solved the material jamming problems when the material is mixing ,so that it improved the efficiency of the drum mixer a lot because of the large reducing of shutdown and maintenance time.

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