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Wear resistant ceramic liner

ZTA wear liner

ZTA (Zirconia toughened Alumina) ceramic is a kind of Alumina and Zirconia compound ceramic. The ZTA ceramics vulcanized with the rubber and steel plate. ZTA liner’s service life time is proven to be 2.5 to 3 times higher than Alumina liners. Such excellent anti-wear ability makes ZTA the ideal material to protect the equipment wherever suffering the extreme wear particularly in power plants, cement plants, mines, ports and etc. By using the ZTA, equipment life time is largely extended and the costly downtime for maintenance is avoided.

Applicable scope:Deflectors/Impact plates,Skirt liners,Bins/Hoppers,Chutes,Stackers & Reclaimers

Ceramic wear liner backed steel plate

The ceramic wear liner backed steel plates are hot vulcanized together with the high tensile strength 7mm nature rubber sheet and 6mm steel backing plate. As a result the ceramics wear liner will have both advantages of the rubber impact resistance and ceramic wear resistance.

Applicable scope:Used for bulk materials, shock resistance, high abrasive equipment system, like Chutes, Bins &hoppers, Deflectors/impact plates, Stacker & Reclaimer.

Ceramic tiles

This ceramic tile is usually directly bonded on the inner wall of equipment by our high-strength-temperature-resistance inorganic epoxy adhesive.

Product Structure shape:The 17.8mm x 17.8mm ceramic tiles are stick on a glue paper or rayon to make it as the 250mm x 250mm liner normally.

Tiles shape: 1.Square 2.Hexagonal 3.Cylinder 4.Rectangle Material: 92% alumina, 95% alumina, 99% alumina, ZTA, Zirconia.Custom sizes and shapes can be required.

Applicable scope:This product used as the wear protection liners for the air and wind powder conveying system, and can be used in under a temperature of 350 Celsius in long time without aging and peeling.

Ceramic rubber wear liner

Ceramic rubber wear liner is using the heat pressing to vulcanize the high alumina ceramic and rubber together. It can be installed onto the equipment surface by adhesive directly. It has both the advantage property of ceramic’s high hardness and rubber’s impact resistance ability.

Applicable scope: Ceramic rubber wear liner is suitable for the wear resistant equipment of bulk material conveying system. Such as the coal hopper, coal chute, material mixer and so on.

Ceramic steel wear liner

Product Structure:Ceramic steel wear liner using the ceramic liners bonded on the steel plate directly with the high-strength-temperature resistant inorganic adhesive, connected with bolts and nuts.

Applicable scope:The ceramic steel wear liner is good for the equipment which suffered a serious abrasion & sliding under the heavy materials conveying conditions.

Ceramic composite rubber liner backed steel plate

Ceramic composite rubber liner backed steel plate is the liner vulcanizing the ceramic and rubber into the steel plate. It can be connect with bolts and nuts or by welding the steel plate to do the connections. This product is normally the customized products, it can be made with different shapes, different thickness according to the working conditions.

Applicable scope:This product used as wear resistant lining in the equipment working at strong impact and serious abrasion.

The working temperature of this product is -50℃ to 100℃

Weldable ceramic liner

Product structure:This product is using the advanced stud welding method together with the special high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive to install the ceramic tiles onto the steel equipment. Finishing with the ceramic caps covered in the surface of the ceramic holes.

Applicable scope:This product is designed for the equipment which suffered high temperature and impact working conditions. The stud welding together with the special high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive, it can prevent the ceramic from falling off working under high temperature at 750℃.

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